Deep communication between wooden doors and woodworking machinery

In recent years, the level of production and research and development of woodworking machinery in China has been significantly improved, to a certain extent, to meet the development needs of the domestic wood door industry, but still has a big gap with the international advanced level, which also restricts the downstream wooden door industry. Improvements and advances in manufacturing and process levels. Therefore, strengthening the exchange and cooperation between the wooden door industry and advanced manufacturing technology and equipment industry has become the consensus in the industry. At the forum, the Forest Products Industry Association will award the China Standardized Wooden Door Demonstration Project of Shengxiang Group, and will be led by relevant associations, industry experts to do the quality and inspection report of China's wooden doors, and the research report on the production technology of wooden doors in China and developed countries. China's standardization development trend and technological innovation sharing and equipment use of advanced machinery manufacturing enterprises. The forum will invite the leaders of the association, the president of the machinery manufacturing enterprise, the president of the wooden door manufacturing enterprise, and the media guests to carry out the "interactive dialogue between brand wooden doors and advanced manufacturing technologies", on the "practical experience of technology research and development and innovation" and "standardized production seminars" and other issues. Conduct exchanges and discussions. It is worth mentioning that the world's most advanced woodworking machinery manufacturer - Germany Halma Group will participate in this forum to engage in interactive dialogue with China's well-known wooden door enterprises.





The 20th China Furniture Production Equipment and Raw Materials Exhibition

As of January 31, 2014, FMP Premium booth sales have been nearly 70%, and all leading companies in the materials sector have joined the company, up 20% from the same period last year. It includes excellent exhibitors at home and abroad, Jiaxing Lihai, Jiaxing Lienpai, Jiangsu Yuhui, Yihuang Wood, Xiawang Paper, DuPont and so on. In the continuous downturn of the machinery industry, the sales of woodworking machinery and tooling areas have surpassed last year. Perennial support for exhibitors Jintian Haomai, Xinma, Biesse, Volmer, Witt Power, Saifu, Fengqi, Ende, Leke Tools, Lanzhi Tools, etc. have been exhibited. Each material area has a 5%-10% increase compared to the same period last year. Leading enterprises in the hardware area, paint area, fabric leather area and furniture sheet area have all been exhibited. Xiaoshan Meixin, Europe and the United States to textile, Bailiwei leather, Oulan leather, Weihua Hardware, Shanghai Shenfei, Changzhou Ruiji, Xiongyi Plastics have been exhibiting for many years. In the woodworking machinery, software machinery and gas spring area, there are even more heavy displays. Kaiyuan Shengyida Wood Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. will make its debut at FMC to showcase the latest wood carbonization equipment, and Shenzhen New Qunli Machinery Co., Ltd. will launch the new cutting equipment and bed machinery leader Foshan Yuantian Bedding Machinery Co., Ltd. Spring faucet company Anhui Lite Gas Spring Co., Ltd. will bring the latest products to the show.





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